Giving importance and valuing the issue of production and exports, also in the field of steel as the most important indicator of the development of countries and presence in all infrastructure industries in various industrial and urban areas including: machinery and tools, mining, construction industry, defense industries, refineries and petrochemicals and other industries related to energy production and transmission as well as transportation, on the one hand, and the position of steel in Iran's macro economy as the second stable economic producer after oil, on the other hand, indicates the high and strategic position of this industry . The production of steel structures in Iran, taking into account IRAN's position among the top 10 producing countries in the world in terms of steel production, requires valuing and giving meaning to the concept of final product production as an indicator of superiority compared to the raw sale of steel sections, as well as the concept of modern industrial and urban development. . Entering the regional and global markets in order to develop the sales network and create added value, create jobs, develop technology and construction engineering, will guarantee the progress of steel structure producers and also economic growth. According to the points raised, the necessity of creating and setting up an independent international exhibition in order to display the capabilities, achievements, classification of the production chain and the relationship between the influential sectors in related industries and technical services, engineering and knowledge-based companies in the field of steel structures production and expanding the development of domestic markets. And abroad, there has been a strong presence in IRAN.

The goals of holding a specialized exhibition

Helping to develop Iran's exports and foreign exchange

Attracting domestic and foreign investments

Knowledge exchange and new technologies in construction engineering and design

Introduction of producers of standard steel structures

Acquaintance of specialized and public visitors with new technologies

The possibility of access of researchers to scientific research

Consolidation of economic political relations with theater diplomacy

Customer survey on the quality of products and services